1501, 2010

Social networking: the beginners guide to its uses in business

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Digital marketing and the use of social media is assuming greater importance in the marketing mix and it’s time we got stuck in! It is the future in communication.

2010 will challenge companies to fully grasp the opportunities offered by online communications and social media. Most people at present are dismissing it as trivial and irrelevant […]

1201, 2010

Weathering the Economic Downturn with cost-effective Advertising Strategies

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In the current economic climate thoughts turn to cost cutting and cost-effectiveness in all aspects of business. Advertising and marketing are often honed in on and their effectiveness questioned. The old adage ‘I know half my advertising works, but which half’ still applies, but beware the consequences of burying one’s head in the sand and […]

1101, 2010

Life in Cork! with Mary Hopkins

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This autumn sees Cork alive with festival fever – we’ve just had the Guinness Jazz Festival and the Corona Cork Film Festival, both a great boost to business as we face into winter. Hotels, guesthouses and bars were reporting increased business during the festivals, and I’d hazard a guess that Kinsale and Clonakilty might have […]