Broadcast Advertising

Television Advertising

The perception has historically been that TV advertising has always been expensive but, with the advent of On demand TV and the way content is now available to you on your PC, tablet, mobile, smart TVs and DVDs makes it within reach for most advertising budgets. We can provide you with as much backup information as you require, illustrating to you just how effective it is to place adverts on TV. From RTE 1 to Sky Sports 1 and Setanta Sports to Living and 3e we will ensure your product hits the target demographic you want, when you want it. We will endeavour to garner as much exposure as possible for you within your broadcast advertising budget on both terrestrial and satellite TV stations.

Cinema Advertising

Ireland boasts the highest cinema admissions per capita in Europe.  With the roll out of Digital Screens across all cinemas, it is possible to put any of your content onto the Big Screen.  Have your message delivered to a targeted captive audience on a 48 Foot Screen, in a darkened theatre with surround sound.  With the lowest ad avoidance already secured, cinema advertising also is the only medium where your audience are paying to see your advert.  With a heightened sense of excitement as the audience are about to watch a movie they have made a point of seeing for the very first time, the audience are more attentive, engaged and receptive to your advert.

It is possible to advertise by audience in selecting specific genre of movies or also geographically ie you pick the cinemas where you want to target.  This will ensure you are not wasting any of your advertising budget.  Whether it’s all Female Movies in Cork cinemas or Family Movies across Munster, we can tailor the campaign that will suit you.

Television and Cinema Advertising Examples:

Radio Advertising

Still the number 1 medium for a large portion of advertisers, radio advertisers continue to attain huge listenership figures in the Irish market. With both National and regional radio stations commanding attention in large portions of each area within Ireland, this medium is still very strong when it comes to trying to highlight your business in the marketplace. With an exciting spread of stations now available to suit all ages and demographics, we have the experience to help you choose the right stations to advertise on and increase your sales!

Radio Advertising Examples:

Right Price Tiles

Munster Rugby

Castlemartyr Resort

European Rugby Champions Cup (European Professional Club Rugby)

Co-Op Superstores

Production and Scripting

  • Management of Voiceovers & Scriptwriting
  • Radio, TV, Cinema & Digital advert production
  • Design & Print of adverts

Corporate and Event Video Examples:

Stats, stats, stats! The proof is in the pudding!

Television Advertising:

  • Irish adults aged 15+ watched TV for an average of 3 hours and 22 minutes each day in May 2015. This is 6 mins longer per day than in May 2014.
  • 89%  (3 hours) of this viewing was live with the other 11% (22 min per day) time shifted.
  • The Average number of TV commercials seen every day by Adults over 15 years of age during May 2015 was 31.

Radio Advertising:

  • The latest results show daily radio listening at 84% – that is 84% of all adults listening every weekday.
  • 84% of Irish adults listen to the radio on an average day
    – More than half (58%) tuning into their local or regional station and
    – 46% listening to a national station
    – Among the younger 15-34 year market, 78% listen daily
  • Irish audiences continue to listen to a significant amount of radio everyday
    – tuning in, on average, for almost 4 hours per day during the prime 7am to 7pm time (Irish Adults listening Mon-Fri).
  • Local radio continues to be a strong performer in the individual radio markets across the country – in many areas reaching more than 40% of the local adult population daily.

Cinema Advertising:

  • Cinema admissions reached 14.4 million in 2014.
  • Cinema has the lowest ad avoidance of 8% (ROI Target Group Index 2008).
  • 28% of total cinema admissions in Ireland are 15 -24 year olds.
  • 45% of 15-24 years olds go to the cinema AT LEAST once a month.
  • 25-44’s in particular really look forward to their trips to the cinema and see them as pure escapism and an important social occasion. Mutual viewing opportunity very high.
    – 31% more likely to earn €50,000+ per annum
    – 50% ABC1
    – 77% agree that its worth paying extra for quality goods