We had a really interesting meeting with An Post this week about the effectiveness of Direct Mail.

Apparently in a PMO (piss me off) index of how people react to direct advertising, 64% dislike email, online ads and social networks, while only 25% of people are annoyed by addressed mail.

Here are some interesting stats which demonstrate that Direct Mail is still one of the most trusted and desired forms of communication from advertisers…

  • 50% of those who receive Direct Mail react/ do something, in comparison to 33% online, 26% mobile, and 22% email.
  • 23% are excited when they receive mail
  • 49% feel disappointed if nothing is there
  • 72% check their post immediately after returning from holidays
  • 60% still prefer to receive letters than emails – more authentic
  • 74% read mailed leaflets
  • 85% actually read direct mail
  • 25yrs+ don’t receive mail so they get excited when anything is directed towards them.

There are a number of different ways to engage with people via An Post…Post Aim, which is personally addressed mail, Publicity Post, which is door to door in a geographical location addressed to the householder, and Business Response, which is a great option that enables you to only pay for the responses you receive.

From chocolate letters to smelly paper and Keith Barry, the team at An Post has seen it all and say the more creative the better!

Finally what really impressed us is that An Post offers a FREE creative review on direct mail before it goes out if and advise you in advance how effective it is likely to be!

Thanks to Eibhin Eviston and Alan Donegan for visiting us!

If you would like help with your direct mail campaign, contact us today on 021-4272200.

Happy mailing!