Advertising (noun)

the act of directly communicating a persuasive message about a product or service to attract consumers and influence future purchases. Something our experts at Hopkins Communications are REALLY good at. (The latter sentence is an example of self-advertising, something we’re also good at).*

* Definition by Managing Director Mark Hopkins. You may remember him from such successful ad campaigns as ‘Buy this now or everyone will say you’re stupid’. Or more recently ‘You don’t have one of these yet?! What is wrong with you?’.

We’re not ones to blow our own trumpet, but…

No matter what sector you’re a part of, competition lurks around every corner. Advertising plays a hugely important role in making you stand out from the crowd. Our team of media buying professionals at Hopkins Communications will find the best medium for you. In order to communicate your message effectively, efficiently and with creative flair.

The Hopkins Communications team drives a hard bargain on behalf of our clients. Tapping into our on-site resources across public relations, copywriting, digital marketing and graphic design enables us to offer clients the option of an integrated marketing strategy. We have spent three decades building up a reputation for reliability and creativity within this ever-evolving industry. As a result we are recognised by all media locally and nationally. Yes, you’ve guessed it – we’re kind of a big deal!

Our advertising services include:
  • Broadcast Advertising

    Our team can secure optimal placement for you and your product on radio, television and also in cinema.

  • Print Advertising

    From newspapers and magazines to supplements and journals. We navigate the best deal for you across all forms of print advertising.

  • Ambient Media

    Ever wondered how to get your brand placed in washrooms, vending machines or building wraps?

  • Outdoor Advertising

    We take care of outdoor advertising in all its forms. From 48 and 96 sheets (billboards) to metropoles, metropanels, lightboxes and 6 sheets (adshels). We also supply city impacts (bus side windows), T-sides, supersides and sightlines (double decker city buses only), super rears (full bus rear) and bus backs (strips across back). Trains and taxi advertising are also on our agenda, as are washroom adverts/outboxes, I-sites (in-pub backlit A1 sites) and digital outdoor units.

  • Production & Scripting

    From start to finish, we are happy to take the reigns on every aspect of your advert production. Whether your chosen medium is radio, TV, cinema or even digital advertising. We can organise the design and print of adverts, as well as script writing and voice over coordination.

  • Online and Social Media Advertising

    Our dedicated digital marketing team specialise in the latest display and banner, social media and Pay Per Click advertising (PPC).


That’s what she said!

While working on behalf of the events associate sponsors, Cork County Council and Cork City Council, Hopkins Communications were a pleasure to deal with. They developed an integrated marketing campaign with innovative ideas that helped the Irish Open exceed its footfall target. This has never happened in the history of the tournament before.

Antonia Beggs, Director - PGA European Tour Championship

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