Copywriting (noun)

the art of creating a professional, engaging and informative body of text. For use in advertisements or marketing materials such as brochures and pamphlets. Because when it comes to our clients, THERE’S no way we’d damage THEIR reputation with poor copywriting and bad grammar. THEY’RE too good for that carry on.*

* Definition by PR Account Manager and Copywriter Carrie ‘there’s no men around, I can write what I like’ McKeown.

Do your talents know no bounds?!

Here at Hopkins Communications, we are passionate about producing work that maintains the highest of standards. Our aim is always to represent both our company and our clients in the most positive light. And we know that you’re passionate about your brand, which makes us the perfect fit! Now isn’t that convenient?

Creating memorable and engaging content is in our DNA. We are hugely aware of how impactful a carefully written piece of content can be. Engaging with the intended demographic and communicating a message clearly and effectively is key to copywriting success. These are our main aims from the outset, while we also strive to paint a positive and attractive picture of the client we represent. Words are our colours and the keyboard is our brush!

Working across multiple sectors has helped us to further our copywriting skills. Thus enabling us to adapt tone and content accordingly to suit the client’s voice and pique a reader’s interest.

Whether you’re in the market for a quirky new slogan or wish to give your company brochure a complete overhaul. We can write the copy that’s right for you. See what we did there?


That’s what she said!

We were delighted with Hopkins Communications’ work on our SuperValu Quality Awards campaign. Such extensive coverage, sizable pieces and great content!

Anne Marie Fenton, Communications Manager - Musgrave Group

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