Promotions (noun; plural)

a range of activities that draw positive attention to or publicise a product or service to encourage consumer engagement and investment. Can involve anything from in-store sampling to firing your product out of a canon at a festival that’s being held on a mountain top. We’re mad that way.*

* Definition by Partner Judy Hopkins. She’s from Glanmire, so it’s best not to argue with her.

That’s pretty impressive…

A well-executed promotion is vital to increasing brand and product awareness among your target demographic, giving new customers an immediate opportunity to sample and become familiar with a product for the first time. Who doesn’t love a freebie, right? The trick is translating that freebie into future sales – and that’s where we come in.

We manage a wide range of promotions from inception to completion, coordinating everything from branded uniforms to product deliveries. We often work side by side with our Digital Marketing department to give our clients’ product or company an additional push online. With Brand Ambassadors located in Cork, Dublin, Limerick and Galway, we help you to communicate your brand’s message to both a regional and national audience.

Our Promotions department regularly provides support in the following areas:

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That’s what he said!

Our drinks distribution business, with over 100 internationally recognised brands, has grown considerably over the last number of years and our advertising, design, public relations, promotions, samplings and experiential activities are constantly changing to target a nationwide audience. We work in partnership with Hopkins Communications to achieve our objectives, using several of their services, and enjoy an excellent working relationship with them. Mark and his hard-working team are a pleasure to deal with. 

Michael Barry, Managing Director - Barry & Fitzwilliam Ltd.

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