Our Team

Teamwork makes the dream work!

At least it does at Hopkins Communications HQ. With a 17-strong team of hard-working, motivated, professional individuals operating across eight core departments, we have perfected the art of working in tandem within a productive environment that allows us to pool our creative ideas and skills and most importantly, achieve positive results for clients.

What’s the secret to maintaining harmony and cohesion with so many different personalities in the mix?’ we hear you ask. We feel this is mainly achieved by a combined and fervent effort to frequently champion the ‘work hard, play hard’ mantra; something you may gather from our photo collage above. So much for ‘what happens on tour, stays on tour’, eh?

Introducing TEAM HC…

Mark Hopkins, Managing Director - Hopkins Communications Marketing & Communications Agency

Mark Hopkins

Managing Director

Since taking over the running of the business in 2003, Mark has grown the company considerably and built a strong team around him. Introducing fresh new ideas, products and services to clients on an ongoing basis, Mark is constantly updating the company’s offerings to reflect market trends and client specifications. His background in science, the pharmaceutical industry and his experience at national level in the advertising industry prior to joining Hopkins Communications has proved to be an invaluable springboard for the company’s ongoing plans.

Likes: GAA, rugby, soccer, horse racing, American football, surfing (but I haven’t done it in years!)

Favourite place in Cork: Baltimore in the winter; Cheltenham in March; Ballybunion in the summer!

Favourite thing about HC: The madness of ad land! How every day is different and how the team we have continually manage to amaze me with their creativity, work ethic and general soundness.

Judy Hopkins, Partner - Hopkins Communications Marketing & Communications Agency

Judy Hopkins



Judy has been in the industry since 2002 working for international marketing agencies and within in-house marketing roles for retail, tourism and technology. Judy introduced the online and digital media offering to Hopkins Communications and expanded the PR and events offering while working across all services. She manages and implements all marketing activity for over 100 clients across multiple industries. Judy is also a radio host with Cork City Community Radio, Chair of the British & Irish Trading Alliance (Cork Chapter) and was named as one of RSVP Magazine’s ‘Most Influential Cork Women’ in 2019.

Likes: Being on the open sea, music festivals, spending time with friends and family, TV and cuddles with my dog Dave.

Favourite place in Cork: Baltimore, West Cork of course – it’s my happy place/second home.

Favourite thing about HC: The fact that we really are all one big happy creative family and strike a great balance between hard work and play!

Dermot Moloney, Mid-Western Corporate Accounts Manager - Hopkins Communications Marketing & Communications Agency

Dermot Moloney

Mid-Western Corporate Accounts Manager


Dermot oversees our Limerick office on a daily basis, where he works with our client base from in and around the Mid-West region. With over 20 years’ experience in marketing, communication and media across leading industry and agency organisations, Dermot has a strong reputation for securing the best deal when it comes to media buying, with a key focus on delivering real value and strategic intent for our clients.

Likes: The River Shannon, caffeine, short runs and Fridays.

Dislikes: Mondays, milky coffee, technology, exclamation marks and indecision.

Favourite thing about HC: Mondays (but really Fridays).

Yvonne Nodwell, Financial Controller - Hopkins Communications Marketing & Communications Agency

Yvonne Nodwell

Financial Controller


After joining Hopkins Communications in 2011, Yvonne quickly became a fundamental member of the Hopkins team, taking the helm within the company’s financial department and maintaining regular communication with clients and suppliers. The heart of the HC family, Yvonne is a regular problem solver who goes above and beyond to ensure the smooth running of the company on a daily basis.

Dislikes: When people don’t clean up after themselves. Why can’t everyone just wash, dry and put away?!

Favourite Place in Cork: My local SuperValu!

Favourite thing about HC: The team’s reaction when I surprise them with sausage rolls on a Friday morning!

Carrie McKeown, Account Manager and Copywriter - Hopkins Communications Marketing & Communications Agency

Carrie McKeown

Account Manager & Copywriter


With almost 10 years’ experience in both the media and PR industries, Carrie brings fresh thinking to projects, ensuring that our offering remains memorable, efficient and effective, with a significant return on investment for clients. Aside from constructing, implementing and managing a diverse range of PR campaigns, she is also our resident copywriter and proofreader, providing editorial assistance to all clients and departments.

Likes: Pizza – and lots of it.

Dislikes: Wet shoes and socks. No thank you.

Favourite thing about HC: The amazing team – talented, fun and all-round good people!

Mary Jo Ryan, PR Executive - Hopkins Communications Marketing & Communications Agency

Mary Jo Ryan

PR Executive

Hailing from Bandon in beautiful West Cork, Mary Jo Ryan joined the Hopkins Communications team as a Junior PR Executive in 2018. A key team player within the PR department, Mary Jo plays an active role in numerous client projects, preparing marketing materials, researching, brainstorming ideas and liaising with media on a regular basis to ensure optimal coverage is received for each and every campaign.

Likes: Cheese! Brie, feta, goat’s, blue – all of the above.

Favourite Hobby: Making puns! I’m so punny…

Favourite thing about HC: The wonderful group of people that I’m lucky enough to call my friends, as well as colleagues!

Niamh Drohan, PR Account Manager - Hopkins Communications Marketing & Communications Agency

Niamh Drohan

PR Account Manager

Niamh hails from Dungarvan, Co. Waterford and comes from a strong journalism background, with over six years experience in print, digital and video journalism across both regional and national titles. Following on from this, she made the switch to content marketing and client services and has loved the change. Constantly being able to adapt and learn new skills is something she considers important, and working closely with brands and businesses to develop memorable and engaging campaigns that connect with audiences is her favourite aspect of her work.

Likes: A good chat, petting dogs she doesn’t own and dyeing her hair frequently (much to her granny’s dismay).

Dislikes: Chopping onions, loud eaters & dishonesty.

Favourite thing about HC: Really excited to work with such an esteemed, hard-working and friendly team to produce brilliant campaigns and work with a huge variety of clients.

Syrena Long, Digital Account Manager - Hopkins Communications Marketing & Communications Agency

Syrena Long

Digital Account Manager


Syrena has a background in both online and offline marketing with almost 13 years’ experience working in sectors as diverse as radio broadcasting, corporate (IT) and e-commerce (women’s fashion retail). She joined the Hopkins Communications team in 2016 and now plays an integral role within the Digital Department, implementing paid social strategies while engaging in deep-dive reporting and thorough end-of-campaign analysis.

Likes: Coffee and more coffee.

Dislikes: Slow internet connection.

Favourite thing about HC: The team!

Dean Murray, Digital Account Manager - Hopkins Communications

Dean Murray

Senior Digital Account Manager

Dean is an experienced digital marketing professional specialising in a wide range of industries, from B2B SaaS to Waste Management. As a Digital Account Manager at Hopkins Communications, he runs paid social, search and display campaigns and preaches SEO best practices. However, it’s best not to get him started on Star Wars – from a time management perspective! A strategic thinker, Dean takes pride in leveraging data and creativity to execute campaigns that drive long-term value to clients.

Likes: Sport, Food and Pop Culture.

Dislikes: Spoof!

Favourite thing about HC: You’re never bored, and you get to work with smart, talented and sound people!

Mariela Katic, Digital Account Manager - Hopkins Communications

Mariela Katic-Kuredza

Digital Account Manager

Mariela finds great satisfaction in helping others create and enhance their brands. As a people-pleaser, she will not rest until every client is content with their results. With previous experience in business and management, working in marketing and advertising for over 5 years, she found her calling in data analysis and digital marketing. At Hopkins Communications, Mariela helps our clients to make the most of their online presence and advises the best strategy to leverage the customer data generated from various platforms to yield new growth opportunities.

Likes: Travel. Anytime. Anywhere.

Favourite Hobby: Cooking! Love food and I enjoy cooking, especially over one or two glasses of wine.

Favourite thing about HC: Being part of the creative and energetic HC family.

Grace Tobin, Junior Digital Account Executive - Hopkins Communications

Grace Tobin

Junior Digital Account Executive

A bit of a social media addict, Grace loves keeping up with all the latest and greatest trends online, which she then brings to her work here at Hopkins Communications. Grace is also a recent graduate of the MSc Management and Marketing in UCC this is where she discovered her love of all things digital marketing. During her time at university Grace also completed internships at two PR agencies. As a total perfectionist Grace is passionate about ensuring each of the clients that she works with has the best social media presence possible.

Likes: Fashion, Dogs & Reality TV (the more over-dramatic, the better!).

Favourite place in Cork: That’s an easy one – Crookhaven in West Cork.

Favourite thing about HC: Being part of such a creative and talented team of people, who I’m constantly learning from!

Sheila McGoey, Head of Graphic Design - Hopkins Communications Marketing & Communications Agency

Sheila McGoey

Head of Graphic Design


Heading up our design team for almost 10 years, Sheila oversees the development and implementation of all design output. With a keen eye for detail, she boasts extensive experience in both press and outdoor advertising. Sheila enjoys a good puzzle, so is in her element managing numerous projects at any given time, whilst maintaining a healthy balance between functionality and visual impact in her work.

Likes: Dogs. Cheese. Wine. Essentially, petting dogs while eating cheese and drinking wine.

Favourite Hobby: Jigsaw puzzles.

Favourite thing about HC: The variety of jobs – no two days are ever the same.

Conor Phelan, Senior Graphic Designer and Web Developer - Hopkins Communications Marketing & Communications Agency

Conor Phelan

Senior Graphic Designer & Web Developer


With over 10 years’ experience in the industry, Conor brings a comprehensive and creative process to all projects. Known for his upbeat and engaging style of communication, he is passionate about creating compelling and engaging visuals. As Hopkins Communications’ resident Web Developer, Conor also helps clients across multiple industries to define and enhance their offering online.

Dislikes: Fashionable facial hair.

Favourite Hobby: Petting strange dogs.

Favourite thing about HC: How ridiculously competitive everyone is when it comes to games and competitions.

Liz McHugh, Senior Graphic Designer - Hopkins Communications Marketing & Communications Agency

Liz McHugh

Senior Graphic Designer


With extensive experience in print design, marketing and multimedia, Liz is a driven and flexible designer with almost 15 years of experience under her belt. She is an expert in solving design-related problems with simple yet elegant visual solutions. Liz enjoys working closely with clients to gain a clear insight into their vision, maintaining a keen interest in helping them achieve their goals through design.

Likes: Watching movies and eating Crunchies.

Favourite hobby: Being outside doing some gardening (Yes, I know I’m turning into my mother!).

Favourite thing about HC: Great people and great variety.

Aoife O’Connell, Senior Graphic Designer - Hopkins Communications Marketing & Communications Agency

Aoife O’Connell

Senior Graphic Designer


Aoife is a creative and multi-talented designer who has diverse experience in both print and digital design. She’s a passionate and inventive creator of marketing campaigns and likes to keep on top of current trends. With a keen photographic eye to top it all off, Aoife’s understanding and appreciation of an effective aesthetic is one that is rare to find.

Dislikes: Peas – ugh!

Favourite hobby: Running.

Favourite thing about HC: I’m a lover of a good GIF and no one does GIFs like the HC team!

Eileen Randles, Office Administrator - Hopkins Communications Marketing & Communications Agency

Eileen Randles

Office Administrator

Eileen, our resident Kerry girl, joined Hopkins Communications in 2016 and has since become an invaluable member of the team. As the first point of contact for all callers and visitors to HC headquarters, she represents the company impeccably on a daily basis. Eileen is passionate and diligent about carrying out administrative tasks in an efficient and effective way and enjoys supporting others in our dynamic office environment.

Likes: A good book.

Favourite hobby: Walking.

Favourite thing about HC: Being part of an amazing and dedicated team while learning from the best in the business.

Mary Hopkins, Founder - Hopkins Communications Marketing & Communications Agency

Mary Hopkins


Our Founder, Mary Hopkins, has now retired from the business she created over 30 years ago and we know that there are many people out there who have great respect for her and her achievements. Mary was a trailblazer and a popular business figure in Cork, and her integrity and huge personality saw her persevere in creating a sustainable and well-respected communications firm that has endured through several recessions and ever-changing marketplaces.

Right now she’s probably enjoying little Jack and Anna (grandchildren), driving to West Cork, meeting friends, doing some creative writing or planning her next escapade with her husband, Dave (our Chairman). Enjoy the next phase of your life Mary – you’ve earned it!

Likes: Dave.

Dislikes: Dave sometimes…

Favourite thing about HC: It keeps Mark and Judy busy so I can finally relax.

Dave Hopkins, Chairman - Hopkins Communications Marketing & Communications Agency

Dave Hopkins


Dave, a Master Mariner, is the former Marine Director at The Mainport Group – A provider of Marine services worldwide, offshore support, seismic support vessel owners and operators, tug owners and operators, and providers of stevedoring and ship agency services.

He is a former President of the Irish Chamber of Shipping & the Irish Institute of Master Mariners, Board member at IMDO (Irish Marine Development Organisation), and a Fellow of the Nautical Institute. He has served on the board of the Marine Institute and the Cork Institute of Technology, where he was also Chair of the Finance Committee to mention but a few.

Nowadays, not only is he Chairman of Hopkins Communications but also is the M.D. of “Hopkins Marine” which provides marine consulting and expert witness service’s as well as “Fastnet Logistics” a small ship owning and operating company including island ferries and cargo ships.

Likes: Ships, Boats & Golf.

Favourite Hobby: Doing stuff with boats. Spending time at sea whenever and wherever.

Favourite thing about HC: They have a toy boat in the office. Seriously, they are a great team.