April 2022

April 2022 Roundup

Spring has most definitely sprung now, and we are asking ourselves how is it April already? 2022 seems to be flying by!! 2022 isn’t the only thing that has been moving at such a fast pace, so has the digital world, but worry not, our monthly digital round up is here to help and this month we’ll be talking about everything from Google to TikTok and all that’s in between, so keep on reading to find out more.

Google Vehicle Ads

Google announced some exciting news for all of the car brands and dealerships out there this month, they are launching Vehicle ads! These new ads will look just like regular Google shopping ads but will be exclusively for advertising vehicles. At the moment, vehicle ads are only available in the US (the usual with exciting digital launches!) but Google promised that they will be available to advertisers in other countries “soon”. Vehicle ads will be so helpful for car dealerships and brands as they will hopefully help to get vehicles in front of audiences with a higher intent to purchase. We’ll keep you updated as to when these ads will be available on Irish shores so keep an eye on our socials. 

Twitter Shopping Ads

Never one to be left out of a trend, Twitter have joined the shopping ads club this month too. Twitter is currently testing a new e-commerce feature called Twitter Shops. Twitter Shops will allow businesses to showcase up to 50 of their products. Much like shopping on Instagram and TikTok, users will also be able to complete their purchase using an in-app browser, in order to keep users on the platform for longer. Twitter Shops is currently still in the testing phase and is once again only being tested with a select number of US based businesses, come on digital world why not let some of us European marketers test things for once?! 

LinkedIn Analytics

LinkedIn have announced that post analytics will be coming to the platform soon. This means that soon you will be able to learn more information about the people who are engaging with your content. Some of the data set to become available includes Job Titles, Industries, Locations and Engagement Patterns. This is exciting news for every digital marketer as it means that we’ll be able to measure how content is performing on the platform and who the content is appealing to. This means that we’ll be able to create content that is even more appealing and specific to your target audience, what’s not to love?! 

10 Minute TikToks

TikTok launched the ability to create 10-minute videos on the platform in March, a move that now puts them in direct competition with YouTube, while also upping the ante on their rivalry with Instagram. While some in the social media world are saying that this new feature may be the downfall of TikTok as they go against their original selling point of having super short form content, others feel as though this will be yet another great feature on the platform after the huge success it has seen since launching its 60 second and 3-minutes video features. It’s far too early to tell if this new feature will be a success with TikTok users but we’re excited to watch how it unfolds and to see what TikTok launch next!

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