April 2023

April 2023 Roundup
Hopkins Communications - April Sparks 2023 - Canva Create

April has officially arrived and with it came a whole host of changes to one of our favourite design platforms for our clients’ social platforms etc, Canva! Canva hosted their ‘Canva Create’ event on the 23rd of March to usher in the brand-new era of Canva that embraces the fast-evolving world of AI.  

Now, we don’t want to talk our 5-strong inhouse design team, out of a job, but… we know that certain clients have smaller budgets, and when it comes to designing for socials or presentations, we like to train our clients on how to do this themselves. Leave the bigger design jobs such as brochures, outdoor, signage, press ads and broadcast production to us, and why not give Canva a try for the smaller jobs!  

You can watch the entire ‘Canva Create’ event on Canva’s YouTube channel here or save yourself some time with the 10 key takeaways from the event below. 

Hopkins Communications - April Sparks 2023 - Magic Design

Magic Design:

Turn inspiration into design in no time. Simply upload an image then select a style, and Magic Design will whip up a curated selection of unique templates just for you. It is the simple way to visualise any design, spark some inspiration, or quickly discover templates that are uniquely yours. Your own little co-designer at hand, which means less time searching and more time designing. The new service will be initially trialled in Australia and New Zealand with the expectation that it will be launched worldwide in the coming months. We’d love to hear your thoughts on this?!

Hopkins Communications - April Sparks 2023 - Magic Edit

Magic Edit:

Is your picture missing something? Want to swap something out? Magic Edit lets you add or replace an element in an image. Just select the area, describe what you want to add, and Canva’s AI photo editor will make it happen. What once took a long time and experience can now be edited in a matter of seconds! Choose what you want to add/replace, describe it to Magic Edit, and watch the magic appear onscreen.

Hopkins Communications - April Sparks 2023 - Translate


Speak your audience’s language and reach people in every corner of the globe in just a few clicks. Translate the text in your designs to connect with people anywhere in the world. With over 100 languages to choose from, going global has never been quicker or easier. Convert your text on platform, you never have to leave!

Hopkins Communications - April Sparks 2023 - Beat Sync

Beat Sync:

Ready to drop the beat? Automatically sync audio and videos with Beat Sync. No more manual editing. Display peak moments and keep your audience tuned in. Time your video perfectly to that beat in no time, by auto-matching your soundtrack to the video footage with the click of ‘Beat Sync’.

Hopkins Communications - April Sparks 2023 - Draw


Let your ideas take shape. Unleash your creativity with freehand drawing, underlines, and annotations. Start by sketching a simple shape, and Shape Assist—Canva’s AI drawing assistant—will polish it up. Get creative and deep dive in ideas with this new feature. Turn what you think into visually appealing charts, shapes, and more.

Hopkins Communications - April Sparks 2023 - Magic Eraser

Magic Eraser:

Clean up pictures in one click with Magic Eraser. Make your subject stand out and remove unwanted objects from images with Magic Eraser. Just brush over the area and watch as the distraction is magically removed. It’s perfect for making photo bombers, like chip-stealing seagulls, disappear. It works like magic by removing what you do not want to see with a flick of a brush.

Create Animation:

Bring your story to life with custom animation paths! Tell a story with your unique animation style. Whether you want your elements to zig-zag across the screen, rotate, speed up or slow down, it’s easy to animate your own path and make your elements move. Imagine making an element like a flower comes to life- watch how it sways in the wind, then its petals close as it turns to night!

Hopkins Communications - April Sparks 2023 - Magic Write

Magic Write:

Kickstart your creative process with Canva’s AI text generator. Start with a prompt and watch as blog outlines, social captions, content ideas, and more appear in seconds. Banish that writer’s block and effortlessly increase your output with the AI-enabled writing assistant.

Hopkins Communications - April Sparks 2023 - Text to Image

Text to Image:

Dream it up, then add it to your design. Text to Image transforms your words into beautiful images. Generate images that visualize an idea, sketch out a creative concept, or push the limits of what’s possible. Describe a childhood imaginary friend or describe the perfect dress you have envisioned and watch it come to life in seconds! From a simple descriptive text prompt to your vision…

Hopkins Communications - April Sparks 2023 - Layouts and Styles

Layouts & Styles:

Need some design direction? Canva also provides design layout tips, tricks, and inspiration. Simply add content to your page to see layout ideas for your design. Then try the Styles feature to find suggested colour palettes and font pairings. Express your vision at the hands of an AI-design program that will work through the best design approach to suit your infographic, presentation, and more.

Hopkins Communications - April Sparks 2023 - Magic Presentations

Magic Presentations:

Skip the blank page by generating a first draft of your Presentation, complete with an outline, slides, and content. Just type your idea in a few words, and watch as it fills slides with your story. Choose from a selection of templates that appear in front of you and give it your own personal touch. No more staying up late completing group presentation slides, Canva can do it in the morning while you sip on your coffee.

So, there you have it folks, all the amazing and exciting updates that are coming to Canva, we don’t know about you, but we can’t wait to give them all a go!! For more information on our graphic design and ad production services, see our graphic design page.

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