August 2022

August 2022 Roundup

Hellooo August… Summer is flying by…which also means that the beginning of the academic year is just around the corner!! For this month’s Sparks we wanted to do something a little bit different and let our digital marketing intern, Chrissie, take the reins and talk about her experience as a digital marketing intern here at Hopkins Communications, over to you Chrissie!


Hi, I’m Chrissie and I’m currently in my third year of a bachelor’s degree in Business and Digital Marketing at Technological University of the Shannon-Midlands and Mid-West. At the beginning of 2022, I walked into Hopkins Communications to complete a full semester of Work Placement, to gain extra knowledge and lifelong skills to carry forward into my future career.

Throughout the last couple of academic years amid intense COVID-19 restrictions, the idea of securing a work placement felt a little unrealistic but I was delighted when an opportunity in the Digital Department here at Hopkins Communications arose. After sending off my CV and Cover Letter, I was elated when Judy invited me to the office for an interview and was so excited to find out that I’d secured the position to complete my work placement.

Digital Marketing post-Covid

From my very first day here I was welcomed and guided by Grace, a Digital Account Executive, here at Hopkins Communications. Grace clearly explained wat the Digital Team do and how their roles play a key part in the company. She also explained to me how important digital marketing is to an overall campaign and how much that importance has grown and changed over time, especially over the last 2 years. During my time here at Hopkins Communications, I was given creative freedom and responsibility by assisting the Digital team with organic social activity for the Hopkins Communications socials (which of course were all approved by them before going live – to be sure, to be sure!), as well as helping the digital team with organic social content for their clients, assisting the digital team with paid social activity, as well as other organic and paid online activity. I also “learned the ropes” when it came to all things paid social media too, everything from Facebook and Instagram (the old faithfuls) to LinkedIn and even the relatively new kid on the block, TikTok. The team also taught me the importance of creating engaging and informative content across the numerous digital platforms. There is always that element of planning and strategy, something that we are told about in college, but work placement is where it all happens to develop personal and interpersonal skills, to sharpen up those analytical skills, as well as providing an insight into what makes this business function.


Understanding the Business

Amongst creating content and assisting the digital team with daily tasks, they have taught me a lot about the “the business side” of the work that we do every day, and how we use Google Analytics etc. to track all our work, the performance, as well as presenting the value of our work. Google Analytics is extremely important when it comes to measuring and monitoring website traffic and to understand whether or not a website is performing successfully. It does offer SO MUCH website data (it’s easy to get lost 😊), but it’s the perfect tool to gain essential practical experience and learn digital marketing with a hands-on approach. There are definitely transferable and invaluable skills which I hope to use over the course of the remainder of my Business and Digital marketing degree. Both the digital account executives and my manager did take into consideration the significance of my work placement and that really made all the difference!! Being able to speak to other staff members in different departments about their career journey was also a real eye opener for me, especially when a lot happens under this roof from PR, Graphic Design and Print, Advertising, Promotions, Web development and of course Digital and social media. Each of their educational and career backgrounds were really impressive. #Goals – need I say more?!


Becoming Part of the HOPKINS COMMUNICATIONS Team

The Hopkins Communications team really knows how and when to have a laugh, which really makes the office an easy and comfortable environment to work in. The team made sure that I was receiving constant feedback and updates on my work which made my wok placement all the better. They have inspired me to do my best, as well as constantly improving myself even on my hard days, while making sure my work placement experiences were in line with my career goals. The team here are all dedicated to their own personal development and taking steps through training workshops and proactive meetings so everyone can make sure they are on top of their daily tasks, doing their best, and that the agency is putting out their best work every time, while staying ahead of the game. Being able to sit in on meetings and having my ideas so welcomed was a great way for me to get to know everyone and I really feel like a part of the team, after all, work placement is a ‘learning opportunity’.


The Learning & Network Opportunities

This time I have had here at Hopkins Communications has provided me with hands-on experience that I needed in order to gain better understanding of many complex topics. My work placement reinforced my view on the overall importance of work experience alongside academic study. Don’t get me wrong, of course, learning happens on the job too, but the focus is on doing work, not just gaining the knowledge. Not only have I learned a lot throughout my work here, but I have met a lot of people along the way that have helped expand my network in the industry. I will continue to nurture the professional relationships and connections that I have built during my time at Hopkins Communications.

From all of us here at Hopkins Communications, we wish Chrissie the very best of luck in finishing out her degree and her future career path. Thanks for everything Chrisse. Team HC X

Chrissie Tydings, Junior Account Executive - Hopkins Communications
Chrissie Tydings, Junior Account Executive - Hopkins Communications
Chrissie Tydings, Junior Account Executive - Hopkins Communications
Chrissie Tydings, Junior Account Executive - Hopkins Communications

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