November 2022

November 2022 Roundup

As the clocks turned back, everything digital moved forward. It’s out with the old and in with the new, with changes like never before. We’re here to tell you about the fight to be number one between Google and TikTok. Google is trying to be cooler and younger while TikTok is trying to be seen as a more serious search option. How is this dancing interface planning to become a leader in consumer search behaviour? And what is the long-standing, dominant player introducing to compete with this meme-centric platform.

Hopkins Communications Sparks Post November 2022 - Google is learning to dance as it tries to keep up with TikTok

Google is learning to dance as it tries to keep up with TikTok

Google revamped their traditional Google search experience to be a more visual experience. Google found that younger people have been using TikTok for their web search, and they were not happy. Alas, they have released many new search features in imagery, videos, and audio.

While Google’s Search algorithm initially prioritised keywords, rankings and links to high-quality content which was designed for savvy SEOs. It has now swayed towards relevant, in the moment, and useful content with the introduction of new features to the platform. With the launch of Web Stories, audio ads accessible to all content creators, and ‘Your Ads, Your Choice’ allowing a more enjoyable user experience. Let’s dive into each feature changing Google’s algorithm as we know it…….

Google is aiming to make its mobile searching experience more enjoyable to the user by introducing Google Web Stories, where visual stories and short form videos will be displayed as content from creators (not only are Facebook and Instagram feeling the wrath of short form video content platform TikTok; the green giant Google is too!!!)

Google is making audio ads available to just about everyone…giving more opportunities to marketers to keep the claws of TikTok off their backs. The addition of audio ads is to compete with TikTok’s entertainment-based content where audio content is a leader.  These audio ads will allow marketers to reach podcast and YouTube listeners (allowing Google to hit a much broader environment). The new feature also allows for more targeting options and really hone in on a specific target audience.

The beauty of TikTok’s algorithm is the relevant and authentic content you are presented with, specifically catered to what you like. Google is trying to give the user more choice with what they see by introducing ‘Your Ads, Your Choice’. Now you can have control over your ad experience with ‘My Ad Center’. Want to choose specific categories to see in your ad? Do it! Want to turn off ad personalisation completely? You can…Google is putting your privacy and your say at the centre of their new approach, grasping tightly to their reign as the search engine marketing leader.

Meanwhile in this battle of the algorithms Tik Tok………updates to try and win the search engine race

TikTok has increased their video description character limit from 300 characters to 2,200 characters. This is massive for the creators on the platform to scope out a larger audience. How else is TikTok planning to become the search engine ruler? By changing the way content is planned and produced. Gone is the limit of 3-minute videos with Tik Tok now supporting 10minute long-form content, watch out YouTube – you’re next on Tik Tok’s hitlist!

TikTok is cutting into Core Google services like Search and Maps, as people now trek to TikTok to look for information on the best restaurants, or the best activities in their location, younger users don’t usually start their search journey on Google anymore – they go straight to TikTok. Google is fighting this with a new feature of incorporating augmented reality into their Google Maps, no longer are you turning 360 degrees and chasing your tail following a blue line on the screen, it will now position the user in the environment exactly.

TikTok is testing out a new search capability feature, and if this test does well; alarm bells will ring at Google. The feature would highlight keywords in comments and links to search results for the term. Although, TikTok still faces a challenge of showing good-quality search results and not just what has gone viral. Like with Google, this new keyword test feature will change the way creators create, by choosing specific keywords to make their content rank higher and reach more viewers. TikTok’s search model would be one of a kind, unlike Google where the search model is internal and fulfilling their search needs with what is on the platform. Who knows what this search model will look like, and the storm it may brew.

Hopkins Communications Sparks Post November 2022 - Hot Topics with Google Topics

Hot Topics with Google Topics

Google scrapped ‘Flocs’ and along came ‘Topics’ ….  what is ‘Topics’ you ask? Each individual user is assigned three topics based on their online behaviour and interests to allow marketers to target them based on their assigned topics.

Now, here’s where it gets messy. Google assigns these topics, and when publishers use the API, they may get one topic, or they may get seven. Who knows! If you’re a news publisher and the API has tagged your users as interested in news, then that’s the only data point you’ll be able to share with marketers.

It’s a ‘hot topic’ with publishers all around and it’s up for debate whether publishers should be able to set their own topics – a possible concern that everyone will assign themselves as ‘popular’, on the trending topics.

Hopkins Communications Sparks Post November 2022 - New Destination-based ads for Uber and DoorDash

New destination-based ads for Uber and DoorDash

Uber and DoorDash are announcing a new ad business expansion-showing ads while the user is reaching their destination. The ads shown will mainly be used for brand awareness and will cost the same regardless of the length of their trip, and all ads will be targeted. A great feature for those visiting a new city, or going on a night out, where they are shown cafes, bars, and all things useful in that area. Will they be able to compete with more established retailers and media networks? It remains to be seen, but we love this new ad expansion.

Hopkins Communications Sparks Post November 2022 - More ads for Meta

More ads for Meta

Facebook is feeling charitable to their creators, as they now are sharing some of the revenue from their Facebook reels with them. On another note, they are introducing even more ads in their reels! Mister Meta is at war with TikTok and decided hey let’s push more ads! Meta rolled out new ad formats on Tuesday, testing post-loop ads on Facebook and image-carousel ads for their Reels.

Hopkins Communications Sparks Post November 2022 - The power of sound

The power of sound

As consumers move towards audio content like podcasts, and short form videos, the brand Tostitos crunched through the noise with a memorable and authentic tone to their sonic branding experience. The 1.5 second ad changed the brand with the use of the perfect “pop” from their brand’s jarred queso, guacamole and salsa and the crunchiest crunch on the chip. They found that people go for the dip first, and that’s what keeps them eating. The layering of many tones took 6 months in production, for the first second and a half for the sonic identity-this doesn’t include the tagline, or the logo.

The power of sound……and where did they go to target their audience? Tik Tok. Here, they broke down how to layer new tones, and they want people to collaborate and engage to make their own sonic identity system.

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